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Operational Principles Of The Wheel Loader Working Pump

Numbwe One, Power system

The power system of the wheel loader is composed of the power source diesel engine and a subsidiary system that ensures the normal operation of the diesel engine. This power system mainly includes diesel engine, fuel tank, throttle control assembly, cooling system, and fuel line. The diesel engine can achieve the normal walking function through the dual variable drive transmission system; it can carry out the work actions such as shoveling, hoisting and turning in the way of driving the working device with the working hydraulic system; it can also complete the steering action by driving to the hydraulic system and deflecting the frame.

Number Two, Transmission System

The transmission system consists of torque converter, gearbox, transmission shaft, front and rear drive axle and wheels. By the output torque and speed of automatic adjustment of the transmission system, the wheel loader can automatically change the speed and force according to the road condition and resistance, so as to adapt to the changing conditions. After putting the wheel loader in gear, from the start to the maximum speed of the gear, it can be continuously variable transmission automatically. Besides. It can have a smooth start and good acceleration performance. If there is a slope or sudden road obstacle, it can automatically decelerate without changing gear, increase traction force, drive at any speed, and cross obstacles. When the external resistance is reduced, it can quickly increase speed automatically to improve the operation rate. When shoveling material, it can cut into the material pile at a larger speed and automatically decelerate and improve traction force of wheels to ensure the cut with the increase of resistance.

The engine'ss output power is transformed into the gearbox by hydraulic torque converter. Then through the transmission of the gearbox, the specific speed is driven to a certain speed to reach the function of walking when the transmission shaft drives the front and rear bridges and the wheels.

Number Three, Work Devices

The working devices of the loader are composed of four parts: the bucket, the boom, the rocker arm and the pull rod. The boom is a single board structure, the rear end is supported on the front frame, the front end is connected with a bucket, and the middle part is connected with the boom oil cylinder. When the boom oil cylinder stretches out and draws back, the boom will be rotated around the rear end pin to realize the lifting or lowering of the bucket. The rocker arm is a single mechanism, and the middle part of it is connected with the boom. When the oil cylinder is stretches out and draws back, the rocker arm will be rotated around its middle support point, and the bucket will be turned up or down through the pull rod.

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