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How is the Driving, Unloading, and Stacking of the Manual Stacker Completed?

In order to make the users of the manual stacker pallet truck more familiar with the operation process, ATTACK GLOBAL (HONGKONG) CO., LTD specially organizes the detailed steps of the manual stacker's driving, unloading and stacking.

1. Driving

Before driving the manual stacker pallet truck, check the working conditions of the brakes and pumping station, and ensure that the battery is fully charged. Hold the control handle with both hands and force the vehicle to slowly drive toward the work cargo. If you want to stop, you can use a hand brake or foot brake to stop the vehicle.

2. Unloading

(1) In the case of the fork position, the rain shelf should be kept vertical and approach the shelf carefully, and then be inserted into the bottom of the pallet.

(2) Return the stacker to let the fork move the pallet out.

(3) Lift the fork to reach the required height and move it slowly to the pallet to be unloaded, while ensuring that the fork is easy to enter the pallet and the goods are out and in the safe position of the fork.

(4) Lift the fork until the pallet is lifted from the shelf.

(5) Slowly lower the cargo while ensuring that the fork does not touch obstacles during the lowering process.

Note: during the lifting of the goods, the steering and braking operations must be slow and careful.

3. Stacking

(1) Maintain the position of the goods and approach the shelves carefully.

(2) Lift the goods to the top of the shelf plane.

(3) Move forward slowly, and stop when the goods are above the shelf. Put down the pallet at this point and pay attention to not letting the fork exert force on the shelf, and ensure that the goods are in a safe position.

(4) Slowly return and ensure that the pallet is in a safe and secure position.

(5) Lower the shelf to a position where the stacker can be driven.

ATTACK GLOBAL (HONGKONG) CO., LTD reminds you that when driving manual stacker pallet trucks, you must always pay attention to following the rules of use and keeping the work safe.

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