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The Operational Principles Of The Wheel Loader

The wheel loaders can be divided into power system, mechanical system, hydraulic system and control system. As an organic whole, whether the performance of the wheel loader is good or not  is not only related to the performance of the mechanical parts of the working device, but also related to the performance of the hydraulic system and the control system.

Power system: the original power of the wheel loader is generally provided by the diesel engine. The diesel engine has the characteristics of reliable operation, power performance, and fuel economy. It meets the requirements of the wheel loader's bad working conditions and the changeable load. Mechanical system: mainly including running device, steering mechanism and working device.  Hydraulic system: the function of the system is to transform the engine's mechanical energy to the hydraulic energy with fuel as the medium by the oil pump, and then transfer this kind of energy to the oil cylinder and the oil motor to transform into mechanical energy.

Control system: this system is about to control the engines, hydraulic pumps, multiple directional valves and execute component. Hydraulic control driving mechanism is a device that converts the power or mechanical energy of micro power into stronger power of hydraulic energy and mechanical energy in hydraulic control system. It is composed of hydraulic power amplifier element, execute component and load, which is the core of static and dynamic analysis in hydraulic system.

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