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Reasons and Removal Methods for the Failure of Lifting of Telescopic Manlift

In the daily lifting work of telescopic manlift, there are often some problems such as lifting platform can not be lifted. This article will give a comprehensive exposition of such problems, and the specific steps are as follows:

I. Check the cause of failure of telescopic manlift

1. Daily check the starter potential of the motor when the load is working. The voltage hydraulic range is allowed to be (±10%).

2. The motor of the telescopic manlift does not turn - check the motor and circuit;

3. Motor reversal of telescopic manlifts - change two phases in a three-phase line.

4. The motor is out of phase (the motor is not moving, and there is buzz). Check the circuit breaker and the connection of the motor.

5. The drop valve is open. When the drop button is open, check whether the drop valve is electrified with a voltmeter. If there is no electricity, check the line and troubleshoot. If there is electricity, the down valve will be eliminated. The slide valve of the descending valve must be kept clean and flexible to move.

6. Low pressure of relief valve - readjust relief valve. Adjust under 100% rated load

7. Low Oil Level, Vacuum Pump - Fill up Hydraulic Oil.

8. Blockage of Oil Absorption and Filtration-Cleaning of Filters

9. Leakage in oil suction section - check suction pipe and joint; tighten joint. Replace the connector if necessary.

10. If the light is on, press the up button. When the motor rotates, the lift does not rise - check the contact of the phase power supply. When the power supply is connected back, the motor can be reversed, and you only need to correct the power supply.

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