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The Overall Structure And Operational Principles Of The Wheel Loader

There are many kinds of the wheel loaders. The types, structure and overall arrangement are different. But these wheel loaders are basically composed of 3 main parts, the power plant, the chassis and the working device. In addition, there are also some electrical device, including  internal combustion engine power plant start-up, full vehicle lighting, signal indication and alarm, warning device and so on. The overall structure of the front wheeled type wheel loader is generally composed of power device, chassis, working device and electrical device.

1.The power device. The diesel engines are widely used in the power device of the wheel loaders. Only a few small size and low wheel loaders are powered by gasoline engines.

2.The chassis. The function and composition of the wheel loader chassis is as same as that of a forklift, and it is also the motivation to receive the power device, so that the wheel loader can walk or operate at the same time. It is also the skeleton of the whole machine. Power device, working device and others are all installed on it. It also consists of four systems: transmission, driving, steering and braking. The brake system of the wheel loader mostly adopts the double tube gas fluid power servo brake and the clamp - the disc type (or the wet type) driving brake, and the parking brake mostly adopts the central clamp - disc type - drum type brake. This is because the probability of driving forward and driving back on the wheel loader is equal, and the driving distance is short, the times of deceleration and parking is growing, and the working environment is complex, so as to ensure that it does not occur heat decline or water decline when braking, the above structures are supposed to adopt.

3.The working device. The working device of the wheel loader is used to overcome the resistance of the cutting material, and to complete a series of work such as inserting the material pile, shoveling the material, lifting and discharging the material. It is mainly composed of bucket, boom, rocker arm, boom oil cylinder, bucket oil cylinder and so on. The operational process of the working device is completed by the hydraulic control device.

4.The electrical device. The function, performance and quantity of the electrical device of the wheel loaders are basically the same as those of forklift. It also has a headlamp, which is also divided into dipped beam headlamp and main beam headlamp. There are cornering lamps and front position lamp in front of it. The tail of it includes brake lamp, cornering lamp, rear position lamp, reversing lamp, etc. Some are also equipped with fog lamp, height lamp, width lamp, etc.

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