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The Characteristics of the Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck

A hydraulic hand pallet truck is a small handling tool for low hoisting and limited to carrying pallet-type goods, with the characteristics of steady rise and fall, easy operation, safety and reliability, etc, which is widely used in the warehouse, shopping mall, wharf or factory, etc.

Cylinder components:
1.Cast the oil cylinder on the whole. The appearance is beautiful, firm and durable.

2.It uses the imported sealing ring and chrome-plated piston rod, with unique double-layer seal design and two-year quality assurance. Note: The BST car is a quick lift tank, fast and efficient.

3.The drop speed of the cylinder is not affected by the load, and the internal relief valve provides overload protection to avoid overloading and reduce the maintenance cost.

4.The high-quality concentric ball bearing is used in the connection of oil cylinder, which is flexible in operation and does not shake.

Frame part:
1.It has the conical arc fork design and beautiful shape, quick and convenient to enter and exit the tray.

Note: The BST car is an integral punch-forming Beetle fork. The strength increases 25% and the appearance is more beautiful.

2.It has the high-quality (4mm) steel plate without break point welding with reliable strength.

3.It uses the electrostatic spray coating with bright color.

4.It uses the integrated casting wheel frame with high strength, and it is equipped with front and rear guide wheel to protect stowage wheel from impact and prolong its service life.
5.It uses double polyurethane loading wheel with strong bearing capacity, more balanced force, wear-resistant and low noise.
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