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Introduction and Use of the Stationary Lift Platform

The stationary lift platform is a lifting equipment with good stability and wide application. It is mainly used for transporting goods between production lines. Material on-line and offline. Adjust work-piece height during work-piece assembly. The lifting parts are assembled when the feeding equipment of the feeder is high. Large machine tool feeding and blanking. In warehouse, loading and unloading sites, trucks can be transported with forklift trucks for quick loading and unloading. It is mainly used in the logistics industry, production lines, basement to the floor between the goods lifting, loading and unloading and can also be used for lifting stage, lifting console, etc.

The product is stable in structure, low in failure rate, reliable in operation, safe and efficient, simple and convenient to maintain. Product description: Fixed hydraulic loading and unloading table is suitable for loading and unloading goods in warehouse, workshop, automobile and container. It does not need to set up cargo table, steel frame, etc. It can be lifted and unloaded directly from the ground. The specially designed movable board can be smoothly overlapped with the automobile, and can be conveniently and smoothly loaded and unloaded with forklift trucks and manual hydraulic forklift trucks. The function makes the operation easy and comfortable, and the platform can descend to the ground level without occupying the ground space and affecting the passage.
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