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Main Structure of Articulated Forklift for Sale

1. The engine
It is the power source for internal combustion forklifts. It converts the heat generated by the fuel into mechanical energy, and outputs power through the flywheel of the engine.

2. The chassis
The chassis is used to support the body, receive power output from the engine, and ensure that the forklift can run normally. It includes transmissions, running gears, steering devices and braking devices etc..

3. The body
The body of the articulated forklift for sale is integrated with the frame and welded by a steel section. It is placed at the rear of the forklift and counterweights with the cast iron block intending to adapt to the model. The weight is determined according to the rated lifting capacity of the forklift, and it balances when the forklift is loaded to keep the stability of the forklift

4. Lifting mechanism
The hoisting mechanism of the articulated forklift for sale is mainly composed of a gantry and a fork. The gantry is spliced to the front axle bracket body which comsists of a set of parallel steel frames and sliding brackets for forks fixation. The forks are two steel forks bent at 90° and mounted on the sliding brackets which is a tool for carring materials. The fork gauge is designed according to the maximum load of the articulated forklift. The fork can be tilted forward and backward following the hydraulic cylinder

5. The hydraulic system mainly consists of

(1) Lifting hydraulic cylinder, the plunger tip and the lifting door frame are fastened together to control the lifting or descendin of the fork

(2) Oblique hydraulic cylinder, the top end of the plunger is connected with the gantry to control the forward or backward tilt of the gantry

(3) Hydraulic pump, which can be a vane pump or a gear pump. Hydraulic pump outputs high pressure oil, driving lifting hydraulic cylinder and tilting hydraulic cylinder

(4) Hydraulic distribution valve, consisting of valve body, lifting and pressing cylinder valve core, inclined hydraulic cylinder valve core and safety valve. Its function is to control the lifting or tilting of the hydraulic cylinder spool by operating the joystick according to the lifting and tilting working needs of the fork to input the high pressure oil into the lifting or tilting hydraulic cylinder. The function of the safety valve is to return the oil from the return pipe to the fuel tank when the oil pressure in the system exceeds a certain value.
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