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3 Way Pallet Stacker Characteristics

1. Three-way stacking function: The fork can realize 180-degree rotation, side-to-side shifting and dense storage without rotating the body, which can be the first choice for warehouse expansion.

2. The rear axle stability design: the rear axle is equipped with a locking device, which improves the rigidity of the whole vehicle during the lifting and side shifting operation, and ensures the stability of the vehicle body when the side stacks;

3. Humanized design of 3 way pallet stacker: soft landing for the cargo, when the fork is close to the ground, its descending speed will automatically reduce; the optimized gantry reduces the vibration during rising and falling, the operation is more comfortable; the standard wheel display and camera ( 4.5m above) makes the operation clear at a glance, which is convenient and efficient;

4. Safe and reliable: the three-way fork rotating parts and the whole vehicle of the 3 way pallet stacker passed the intensive test and stability test, and have obtained the special equipment manufacturing license issued by the General
Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of PRC.
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