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Common Problems in the Operation of the Mini Wheel Loader

The mini wheel loader is a kind of loading and conveying machinery widely used nowadays. It is one of many types of loaders. Although it is different from other types of loaders in size or structure, there is no great difference in performance. Next I'll give you a good account of three common problems with the mini wheel loader in operation.

The first gear and the reverse gear are normal and the second gear is without driving force.

First check whether the skid steer loader is in place. If not, it should be readjusted. Then check whether the pressure gauge in the second gear position is depressurized. If so, we must check the transmission of the 8-shaped cover of the outside pressure oil flow. If there is leakage, we can tighten the bolts around. If the trouble can not be eliminated by the above method, the 8-shaped end cap must be removed and the O-ring and paper cushion should be used. If there is no pressure oil overflowing, the second gear in the gearbox is proved to be defective and it must be removed.

The variable speed pressure, boom, rotor and steering are normal, but the loader is still unable to move forward and retreat.

First check whether the transmission is short of oil and whether the inlet pipeline is blocked, and then check the electrical motor and torque filter. If metal fragments are found, it is certain that the parts in the gearbox are damaged. If aluminum chips are found in the electrical motor and the torque converter filter, it is certain that the parts in the torque converter are damaged. At this point, the gearbox and torque converter must be removed for repair and replacement of the damaged parts. Eliminate the above reasons and if the car still can not walk, you can be sure that the gearbox in the second gear around the bolt is cut off, or the middle shaft output gear is off, so that the power output can not be done. Elimination method: The 8-shaped end cap of the gearbox can be removed, the second gear component removed, and the cut-off bolt can be replaced. This bolt material is 40Cr and must be quenched and tempered. It must not be replaced by ordinary bolts.

The first gear and the reverse gear is weak and the second gear is slow.

First check whether the pressure indicated by the gearshift pressure gauge is normal. If the pressure reaches 108 KPA, increase the throttle to see if the pressure gauge pointer is swinging. If a violent swing proves that the turbine oil in the gearbox is too dirty or insufficient, check whether the gearbox oil level check plug can flow out of the turbine oil. If the oil flows out, the fault is due to dirty oil. The gearbox and filter should be cleaned and new oil replaced. If the oil volume is normal and the pressure gauge indicates normal, the fault may be the breakage of the input secondary gear in the conveyor belt and the torque converter, so that the power of the torque converter secondary gear can not be exported and only the power of the first gear can be exported. The elimination method is to remove the connection between the torque converter and the gearbox and replace the damaged two-grade gear.
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