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Side Forklift and Its Operating Characteristics

The mast, lifting mechanism and forks of the side forklift are located in the middle of the forklift and can move along the horizontal guide rails. The fork is located on the side of the forklift, and there is a cargo platform on the side. When the fork rises along the mast to a height greater than the height of the cargo platform, the mast retracts along the guide rail, lowers the fork, and the cargo is placed on the cargo platform of the forklift. The mast and fork of the side forklift are on one side of the vehicle body. The car body enters the channel, and the fork faces the rack or stack, so the loading and unloading operations do not need to turn first and then work.

There are two main features of side forklift operations:

①In the process of entering and leaving the warehouse, the car body enters the aisle, and the fork faces the rack or stack. When loading and unloading operations, there is no need to turn first and then work. This feature makes side forklifts suitable for narrow aisle operations;

②It is beneficial to the special edition strip long-size goods, because the long-size goods are parallel to the car body and are not restricted by the width of the passage. Pneumatic tires are generally used for outdoor work, and solid tires are generally used for indoor work. The side forklift can carry long goods at a faster speed. The maximum lifting capacity is 40 tons, the maximum lifting height is 3 meters, and the maximum speed is 30 km/h.

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