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Proper Use of the Mini Wheel Loader

The loader is a common construction machinery, and there are large and small types. The mini wheel loader has simple structure and convenient maintenance. Most of the parts adopt domestic standard general fittings. The quality is reliable and the resources of fittings are sufficient. It is mainly used for loading, unloading and accumulating bulk materials in construction sites, environmental sanitation, cement prefabricated slab factories, lime kilns, stone factories, sand yards, coal yards, etc. The following are the ways to use the mini wheel loader correctly.

How to use the mini wheel loader correctly?

1. driving
Check if there are people or obstacles around, then honk the alarm and start the engine. Before you start, the handle should be placed in neutral position, and then the throttle key should be rotated clockwise to turn on the power supply, step down the throttle and start the engine.

When the engine is idling for 5-10 minutes, do not suddenly increase the throttle. Continuous idling or no-load high-speed operation should not exceed 20 minutes, and try not to use in cold or winter.

You should observe the situation before driving, and be careful when you are driving. On the slope, the bucket should be retracted and raised. At high speed, you can't change gears suddenly. In case of emergency, you must use braking to slow down and change gears. You can only use second or third gear when doing mining and loading operation. When  you stop, the throttle and the speed should be reduced. When the loader stops, the gear shift bars will be placed in the neutral position, and the brake handle of the stop shovel will be raised to the brake position, and the brake will be carried out.

2. Operation of of the Mini Wheel Loader

We must constantly operate the method and improve the efficiency.

(1) shovel
The bucket should be as close to the ground as possible, and the throttle should be properly controlled to ensure adequate insertion force and to ensure that the wheels do not skid.

(2) operation
When the bucket is full and the throttle is reduced, the work lever is re-placed in the “middle” position, and a backward gear is hung up to exit the stack. If the transportation distance is longer, the bucket should be lifted to the transport position before driving to ensure stability.

(3) unloading
When you unload, the bucket should not be raised above the necessary height. The material should be loaded as evenly as possible in the compartment.

3. Considerations when using of the Mini Wheel Loader

(1) When the bucket is full, sudden start, turning or stopping is prohibited.
(2) The loader can only perform authorized loading operations, which may lead to serious accidents if other operations are performed.
(3) The loader is forbidden to work in snow, fog and heavy rain.
(4) It is forbidden to skid when downhill.
(5)The hopper must be flattened when you lift the arm, otherwise the tank and rocker arm will be damaged.
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