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Precautions of the Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck

Precautions before using
1.Check hydraulic cylinder for leakage before use.
2.Check whether the pulley device is effective before use.
3.Check whether the pulley is wound and cleared before use.

Precautions when using
1. Push: Push the control handle to the lower position, press the lower direction handle, then you can press the forklift truck. The forklift cargo weight is strictly prohibited to exceed the limited weight.

2. Pull: Push the goods off the ground, hit the control handle to the middle, then you can drag the goods. Don’t run when pulling goods and you need to slow down.

3. Unloading: After the goods are pulled to the destination, the control handle is lifted to the upper position, and the forklift truck is unloaded until the goods land.

4. Empty truck operation: When empty truck is running, the forklift truck should be properly pressed and lifted to avoid contact wear and tear between front axle support and ground.

Safety precautions
1. The hydraulic hand pallet truck can only be operated by one person and multiple operations should be under the unified command of one person.

2. The hydraulic hand pallet truck are strictly prohibited from overloading, eccentric loading and single fork operation. The weight of the goods must be within the allowable load range of the carrier. Please ensure that the fork length is greater than or equal to that of the pallet.

3. It is forbidden to use the hydraulic hand pallet truck to heavy load for a long time.

4. It is strictly forbidden to drop goods from height to the hydraulic hand pallet truck.

5. The fork of the hydraulic hand pallet truck must be placed completely under the shelf, and the goods should be forked up to keep the goods stable before being pulled.

6. The loading of unstable or loosely packed goods is strictly prohibited. If necessary, personnel should be arranged to support.

7. The fork is placed at the lowest possible position during the high-load and low-load handling of the hydraulic hand pallet truck to prevent goods from falling off.

8. Do not place any part of the body near the mechanical lifting parts of the vehicle, on the cargo carried and under the fork.

9. The operating speed is strictly prohibited (less than 3 km/h, and adult normal walking speed is 5 km/h), and slow down when turning.

10. It is strictly forbidden to operate the hydraulic hand pallet truck on inclined slopes or steep slopes. If it is required to be used on slopes, the operator shall not stand in front of the hydraulic hand pallet truck to avoid the collision caused by the inertia of the hydraulic hand pallet truck.
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