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How Does The Wheel Loader Operate To Save More Fuel

The fuel consumption of Wheel Construction machinery is a major item in construction cost. For this reason, fuel should be selected at the temperature of 3-5 degrees lower than the lowest temperature in the area according to the temperature of the construction area. The fuel saving measures for construction vehicles and engines are as follows:

(1) Reducing the weight of vehicles as much as possible. Increasing the vehicle's weight will increase fuel consumption accordingly. Therefore, the unnecessary additional equipment on the vehicle should be removed without affecting the quality of the construction.

(2) Minimizing the resistance and acceleration resistance when driving. Larger resistance, more oil consumption.

(3) Improving the compression ratio of the engine to the standard value. The concrete measure is to reduce the resistance of the intake system. The filter need to clean and maintain in time to ensure that there is enough air to enter the cylinder in time. The vehicle also should be kept in good condition. For the cylinder pressure of the engine, the general diesel engine should be no less than 20% of the original standard pressure, and the gasoline engine should be no less than 30%. For the difference between the cylinders’ pressure, the pressure difference of diesel engines are generally expected not to exceed 8%, and that of gasoline engines are supposed not to exceed 10%.  

(4) Proofreading the fuel delivery advance angle. The fuel consumption of the engine is increased by too big or small advance angle of fuel delivery. Therefore, in order to make the engine have good performance, the fuel delivery advance angle must be proofreaded.

(5) Reducing the fuel consumption per unit load. Under the allowable condition of vehicle, the vehicle load can be increased to the rated load, which can improve productivity and reduce the fuel consumption per unit weight.

(6) Mastering the economic speed of cars. In construction, roads are generally informal roads, that is, sidewalks. Under such circumstances, we should master the correct relationship between safety, fuel consumption and vehicle speed. Taking the half load of the T815 car as an example, the relation between the fuel consumption and the speed of the car is that the fuel consumption is least when the speed is 25-30km/h, that is, in the construction, the speed can ensure the production efficiency and reasonable economy.

(7) Making a correct selection of lubricating oil. Choosing lubricating oil is the key factor for reducing power and fuel consumption. In winter and summer, it is important to choose lubricating oil with different specifications and brands.
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