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Inspection and Maintenance of the Stationary Lift

1. Check whether the temperature of each part of the stationary lift exceeds the allowable value. If it exceeds, please reduce or stop using it until it is restored to normal, or replace the parts that are more resistant to temperature.

2. listen whether the sound of the stationary lift is normal, whether the bearing has any noise and whether the seal ring is broken.

3. Check whether the stationary lift has abnormal vibration and whether the bolt is fastened or not. Add some lubricating oil appropriately.

4. Check the wear condition of the slip ring and the electric brush and whether the fastening and connection meet the requirements, and timely blow soot and sweep.

5. Always keep clean and prevent water droplets and rusty substances from falling into the motor interior. Maintain the normal working of the stationary lift.

6. The stationary lift is operated and managed by a special person. Before we start, the wire rope, ground anchor and cable wind rope are checked to be in good condition, and the no-load operation is qualified.

7.Set up sensitive and reliable contact signal device, so that each operating layer can contact the driver to ensure safety. The guardrail on the stationary lift shall not be removed at will, and the stationary lift shall be maintained. The lifts must be operated after shutdown, and overloading is strictly prohibited.
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