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Side Load Forklift Electric

The ordinary side load forklift electric adopts a diesel engine as the power, and its carrying capacity is 3.0 to 6.0 tons. In the case of no turning, it has the ability to fork goods directly from the side, so it is mainly used to fork long strips of goods, such as wood strips, steel bars and so on. The side-mounted electric forklift is powered by an electric motor and the battery is an energy source. The carrying capacity is 1.0 to 8.0 tons, and the working channel width is generally 3.5 to 5.0 meters. Because it has no pollution and low noise, it is widely used in indoor operations and other environmentally demanding conditions, such as medicine, food and other industries. With the emphasis on environmental protection, electric forklifts are gradually replacing internal combustion forklifts. Since each battery pack generally needs to be charged after about 8 hours of operation, a spare battery is required for the multi-shift operation. Job function The basic operation functions of the forklift are divided into horizontal handling, stacking/removing, loading/unloading, and picking. According to the operation function that the enterprise is to achieve, it can be initially determined from the model (side-load electric forklift). Work requirements The operation requirements of the forklift include general requirements such as pallet or cargo specifications, lifting height, working channel width, and climbing grade. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the working efficiency (different models have different efficiency), work habits (such as getting used to driving or driving), and so on. Advantages of electric side-mounted forklifts

1. High production efficiency and low operating cost. Mechanized handling is shorter than traditional manual handling operations, while reducing labor costs and costs and improving work efficiency. In the same handling cycle, the number of movements of the forklift is significantly reduced, and the corresponding tire/transmission gear/fuel consumption of the forklift is also reduced accordingly, and the running cost is also reduced accordingly.

2. The operation is safe and reliable, reducing the accident rate. The attachments designed and manufactured by professional forklift attachment manufacturers for different industrial conditions are designed with safety devices. The goods clamped (or forked) are not easy to slip under abnormal conditions, such as the pressure-holding device of the clamps. When the cargo is carried, the tubing bursts, the hydraulic system maintains pressure, and the cargo does not slip.) The end-loading device has a terminal buffer device, which reduces the accident rate.

3. The loss of goods is small. Thanks to the unique clamping/side shift/rotation functions of the attachments, the goods can be transported or stacked or loaded more safely, thus minimizing the loss of goods. The use of attachments also reduces the frequency of use of the pallet (eg, no pallet handling) and the associated procurement and maintenance costs are reduced.

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