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The first heavy duty forklift with the largest tonnage in China took four months to be born.

The first heavy duty forklift only took more than four months for this giant forklift truck to be developed, put into production and put into use, creating a miracle in the industry of making heavy forklift trucks with the shortest time and high efficiency.

The 48-ton internal combustion balanced forklift truck is designed with the concept of energy saving, environmental protection, safety and reliability. Its main accessories are the mainstream configuration in the world. The engine is a new electronic-controlled engine produced in Sweden. The main filter is equipped with two-stage filtration and air rotary filtration. The exhaust gas emission meets the current Euro-3 emission standards and achieves maximum emission reduction. And the engine is pure electronic control. At low speed, the higher the torque and speed, the lower the noise of the engine, which ensures the maximum efficiency of the engine, and also provides a good working environment for customers. The gearbox is a new type of electronic control gearbox manufactured by well-known American companies. The first heavy duty forklift has forward and backward multi-gear transmission, which can make forklift work in different environments. Electronic control ensures that customers can operate manually and automatically when they use it. It is convenient and fast to use. Its hydraulic system module adopts the electronic control hydraulic system of famous American companies. The configuration of double multiple valves and double oil pumps keeps the hydraulic system in its maximum working state and improves the working efficiency. Through the control of computer hydraulic controller and control handle, all actions of hydraulic fork and portal frame control module are built on the premise of safe operation, and flow control, which prolongs the service life of hydraulic system, prevents pressure extinguishing and improves the safety of vehicle operation. The drive axle adopts the heavy-duty drive axle produced by the well-known German company, which ensures that the vehicle can perform well even in harsh environment. The priority steering system is adopted to improve the driving safety. The cab adopts hydraulic lifting mode to facilitate the maintenance and repair of the whole car in the future. The cab is equipped with integrated console, air conditioning, high-definition liquid crystal display and reverse image. The liquid crystal display can monitor and detect the working status of the hydraulic system, engine and gearbox in real time, and provide the fault diagnosis of the whole car for customers, which is convenient for users to operate and operate. Find problems and ensure safety. Reversing image with wide warning lights on both sides of the counterweight enables customers to avoid dead corners when reversing to ensure traffic safety. The most distinctive feature of the car body is the upper open side doors on both sides, which provides convenience for engine maintenance and repair in the future, and also integrates a witty fashion atmosphere into the whole car, even industrial vehicles can be beautiful.
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