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Brief Introduction on Electric Pallet Truck Price

Electric pallet truck, also known as electric carrying truck, electric cattle, electric pallet carrying truck, are suitable for heavy-duty and long-term cargo transfer, which can greatly improve cargo handling efficiency. The body design is ultra-thin, stepless speed change, extra small turning radius, solid body, light and flexible movement, no noise, no pollution. It has long charging time and reliable performance, and it is widely used in logistics, warehouses, factories, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, airports, stadiums, station airports, etc.

Applicable working conditions:

Horizontal handling at medium and long distances, the cargo cannot be piled up.

Can be used for truck loading and unloading.

The load is generally 2 to 3 tons.

The maximum lifting distance is around 200mm. The same lifting distance as the manual truck.

product structure:

The electric hydraulic pump is used for lifting and descending.

The use of electronic control (chopper) or domestic resistance electronic control to adjust the driving speed, considering the problem of stability, the US CRUTIS electronic control is mostly used.

There are a variety of specifications with and without pedals (some manufacturers also have safety guard rails to protect the waist). There are two installation ways for the driving motors: vertical and horizontal types.

Compared with imported electric pallet trucks, domestic electric pallet trucks generally do not have a steering assist system. While most of the imported electric pallet trucks have been equipped with a steering assist system.

Starting from the handle, ergonomic handles research is conducted to meet the load requirements of 1-5 tons, the fork design is combined with European and American pallet standards, using polyurethane, nylon, rubber and other casters to meet the requirements of various environments for handling tools. There is even forks with the beetle shape design which reduces the wear and tear of the cargo caused by handling tools during carriage.

The electric pallet truck suits for heavy loads and long-term cargo transfers, it can greatly improve cargo carrying efficiency.
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