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Electric Reach Truck for Sale

Battery reach truck features

The electric reach truck for sale is powered by a battery. The gantry or fork can be moved back and forth. In the case of the gantry forward-moving forklift, the door frame drives the fork forward during the operation. The fork stretches out of the front wheel and pick up then put down the goods. When walking, the fork carries the goods back, so that the cargo center is in the support surface. When the fork forward-moving forklift is in operation, the fork rack carries the fork to move forward to the outside of the front wheel to carry out the work. When walking, the fork rack brings the goods back into the support surface.

The electric forward forklift is divided into a seat type and a station type according to the casting method.

The electric forward-moving forklift is characterized by maneuverability, light handling, no pollution, and low noise. It combines the advantages of electric stacker and balance forklift. When the gantry is extended to the top, the load center of gravity falls on the outside of the fulcrum. At this time, it is equivalent to balance forklift. When the gantry is fully retracted, the load center falls on the fulcrum. At this time, this is equivalent to an electric stacker. The combination of these two properties makes it possible not to increase the volume and self-improvement a lot while ensuring operational flexibility and high load-carrying performance, thus to save operation space and maximizes land utilization. Therefore, it is suitable for the narrow space of light industry, tobacco, textile, food, supermarkets and other industries to complete the material carrying and stacking operations. It is one of the essential equipment for modern warehousing. It is also one of the competition focus of the world's major forklift manufacturers.

Market prospects of electric reach trucks

International market: automatic warehousing systems, the establishment of large supermarkets have stimulated the growth of demand for indoor handling machinery. In the case of increasingly scarce global land, the development prospects of battery reach trucks are particularly broad.
Domestic market: Due to the highest technology and complex structure of the forward forklift, the research&development and production cycle is long, the investment is large, and the market capacity is limited. Compared with the balanced forklift, the price is high, and the requirements for road and environment are very high. The market competition is mainly concentrated in a few imported brands, while foreign-funded enterprises have occupied the high-end market and began to switch to the low-end market.

Therefore, China must increase its research and development efforts so as not to be injured by others. With the state's control over the land. In order to save land and construction costs, the three-dimensional warehouse and warehouse-type large supermarkets with high land utilization rate will develop rapidly, and the material transportation and management modernization has become an inevitable trend. The laminar, three-dimensional warehouse, warehouse-type large supermarket and modernized production line will use the electric reach truck to complete the material transport and stacking operations. The development prospects will be even better in the future.
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