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Types of Forklift Pallets

Some forklift pallets are also called forklift pads. They are widely used in industries such as food, tobacco, medicine, papermaking, hotels, printing, electronic appliances, chemicals, clothing, textiles, warehousing and logistics.

Main types of forklift pallets:

1. Plastic pallet of injection-molded forklift: Injection molding plastic tray is a thermoplastic injection molding that melts the plastic material and then injects it into the film cavity. Once the molten plastic enters the mold, it is cooled and shaped into a certain shape according to the mold cavity. (The main specifications are: Tian word grid, Sichuan word grid, nine-foot grid, nine-foot flat plate, heptagonal flat plate, nine-foot mesh, double-sided grid, double-sided welding, plastic pallet products with built-in steel pipe series).

2. Blow-molded forklift plastic pallets: formed by hollow extrusion and inflation at one time, with uniform molecular weight distribution, reasonable load structure, and designed with sockets suitable for various forklifts (blow-molded forklift pallets are basically double-sided pallets).

3. Wooden forklift pallet: Wooden pallets are made of logs, which are dried and shaped to reduce moisture and eliminate internal stress. Then they are cut, planed, broken, edged, sanded and other finishing processing to form profile plates. Then use nails with anti-drop function (in some cases, use nut structure) to bind the profile plates into semi-finished trays, and finally perform finishing, anti-skid treatment and wax sealing treatment.

4. Laminated forklift pallets.

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