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Electric Forklift

  • Battery Forklift CPD4-5.0 Battery Forklift CPD4-5.0 2018/04/18 Main Features● Integrated electric drive axle shows excellent sensitivity, optimum acceleration, travelling and climbing capability;● Integrated load-sensing steering unit and low-noise gear pump ma...
  • High Capacity Electric Forklift MH1350 High Capacity Electric Forklift MH1350 2018/04/18 Product features:1, maximum lifting weight 13500 kg; Maximum lifting height 3000 mm; 2, storage battery box can be large Angle open, easy maintenance or replacement battery; 3, and balance weight comp...
Electric Forklift Features:
Full AC power system, with lower maintanence cost, better water-proof technology, the perfect steering stability during the high-speed working etc, to reduce the operational cost.

1. Rated Load capcity: 1500kg, lift height: 6000mm;
2. Better stability: Low layout for battery, low center of gravity, Side of in-out battery, ensure more safe, smooth and efficient;
3. Water-proof connector;
4. Full hydraulic power-assisted steering system, easy to steering and save the energy; Turning on the spot, a small space to operate freely;
5. Aeroseal wet disc type brake;
6. Curves safe control: the speed will automatic reduced when turning, to aviod the possibility of rollover;
7. Regenerative braking function to increase the working hours for electric forklift;
8. Better Durability: unitary frame with better strength and rigidity;
9. Ergonomics design: comfortable seat, ample inner room and wide visibility;
10. Wide angle centre rear view mirror with wide visibility; Comfortable seat with damping function;
11. Advanced AC controllers and CANbus technology.