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Structure Diagram And Principle of Side Load Electric Forklift

The working part of forklift is a direct working mechanism that directly bears all the weight of the cargo and completes the processes of forking, lifting, stacking, etc. It consists of a working device that directly carries out loading and unloading operations and a hydraulic transmission system that controls the movement of working devices. According to the requirements of design and manufacturing and different working conditions, it has a variety of structural forms.

Cargo fork is a fork-shaped component that directly carries the goods. It is mounted on the fork frame by hook. The distance between two cargo forks can be adjusted according to the needs of operation and locked by positioning device.

The fork frame is a structural part welded by steel plate. It has a roller set. The inner side of the inner door frame has a groove track in the direction of up and down. The fork frame and the inner door frame are connected in the same way, and it can only move up and down along the orbit of the outer door frame. 

The inner door frame is a frame structure with two grooves as pillars and beams. The inner door frame is a frame structure with two grooves as pillars and pillars. Its lower part is hinged on the drive bridge(front bridge) of the forklift. With the help of an inclined hydraulic cylinder, the door frame can be tilted at a certain angle in the front and rear directions. The front tilt of the door frame is for the convenience of loading and unloading goods, and the back tilt is for the purpose of preventing the goods on the fork from slipping when the fork truck is running.

The lower end of the lifting hydraulic cylinder is on the outer door frame beam, and the upper end is connected with the inner door frame beam and sprocket. One end of the lifting chain is connected to the lower part of the outer door frame, and the other end is connected to the fork frame by bypassing the sprocket. When the pressure oil is fed into the hydraulic cylinder, the piston rod moves upwards at speed V and drives the sprocket and the inner door frame rise at the same speed v. Due to the principle of moving pulley, the chain pulls the fork frame up at 2v speed. When the hydraulic cylinder is at the end of the journey, the inner door frame is at the extreme position above the outer door frame, and the fork frame is at the extreme position above the inner door frame. When the oil pressure is discharged, components such as goods or forks fall by their own gravity. 

Composition of electric forklift drive system

The electric drive system of electric forklift mainly includes battery, electric controller, walking motor, direction selection switch and accelerator. The mechanical drive system consists of a walking motor, a torque converter, a differential, a half shaft, and a wheel. And there is nothing more.

There is also an electric forklift with two motors, one motor to drive a front wheel. This type of car does not have a half-shaft and differential, and Linde's battery forklift is designed in this way.
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