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Semi Electric Pallet Truck

The semi-electric pallet truck is a logistics handling device that functions as a cargo. A moving vehicle, also known as an industrial vehicle, is a trackless vehicle that carries, handles, and stacks goods within a short distance. This type of vehicle is suitable for loading, unloading, and transportation at stations, terminals, airports, warehouses, construction sites, and freight yards. Semi-electric Imported drive wheel, reliable disc brake system, powerful power, freely controlled, equipped with high-capacity high-performance battery, long-lasting power, battery display, low-voltage warning light, heavy-duty design, compact structure, operating field of view Open, this product meets the EN1757-1:2001 standard.

Main feature of Semi Electric Pallet Truck

1. The cost of direct handling can be reduced by more than 25% than manual handling.
2. The cost of direct handling can be reduced by more than 25% than manual handling.
3. Reduce the damage of moving goods, improve the success rate of the product.
4. Increase the height of the stack and increase the utilization of the stacking space.
5. Reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions.
6. Good maneuverability, diversified work performance, reduce other loading and unload equipment, and reduce the investment in the entire handling facility.

Maintenance and repair of Semi Electric Pallet Truck

1. Daily inspection and maintenance Daily maintenance is essential, and should focus on overhauling the wheel and core axis and rags. When the transfer is complete, the items on the fork should be removed and the fork lowered to the lowest position.

2. Lubricating oil All bearings and shafts in the factory have been added with long-life lubricants. You only need to add lubricant to all moving parts during the monthly interval or every time you check thoroughly.

3. Comply with the safety guidelines Semi-electric pallet truck manufacturers have many excellent semi-electric pallet truck manufacturers.

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