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Semi Electric Pallet Stacker

Semi-electric pallet stacker, suitable for narrow passages and limited space operations, is an ideal tool for overhead warehouses, supermarkets, shop loading and unloading and palletizing of palletized goods. The machine adopts computer program control, stepless speed change. The machine's high-quality C-shaped steel wide-view gantry has a maximum lifting height of 5.2 meters with a load of 0.5T, a maximum lifting height of 4.5 meters for a load of 1T, and a maximum lifting height of 3 meters for a load of 2T. The battery can be loaded and unloaded from three directions, and the operator can be equipped with a random pedal. The all-electric stacker has a simple structure, flexible control and fine movement.

Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, military, paint, pigment, coal and other industries, as well as ports, railways, freight yards, warehouses and other places containing explosive mixtures, loading, unloading, stacking and handling operations. Cooperating with the electric pallet stacking operation can greatly improve work efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and win opportunities for enterprises to compete in the market. It should be applied to the storage and short-distance transportation of pallets and goods on the shelves in warehouses and freight yards, the sturdy forklift-specific gantry (three-stage gantry), the imported electronic control and hydraulic unit, low noise, no pollution, fault low rate, international classic style, can be designed according to customer requirements.

Semi-electric stacker category: Stacker - semi-electric, product features: electric lift. Small turning radius, suitable for narrow passages. Easy to operate, lifting electric control.
Stacker - semi-electric wide leg type, product features: flexible and convenient operation. Double-sided tray can be used, small turning radius, suitable for narrow passage.
Stacker - Small turning radius, product features: Small turning radius, flexible and convenient operation. Stacker - picking type, product features: used to pick goods, can be carried by people.
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