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Introduction to the characteristics of three-way stacking forklift truck

The design of three-way stacking forklift truck is based on human-machine engineering and integrates advanced international design concepts and technologies. It has good safety, maneuverability and comfort.

The three-way stacking forklift truck adopts full hydraulic steering, the starting speed can be adjusted, the release braking distance can be adjusted, fixed low speed driving, steering delay and other functions. The individualized driving of performance is realized, and the comfort of operation is guaranteed. It uses a high-performance controller, full hydraulic power steering, through multiple valves to easily control the rotation head around 180 degrees.

Three-way stacking forklift truck can generally work in 1.5 meters of Rail passage and 1.6 meters of shelf passage. Wide field of vision portal frame and roof guard frame and panoramic display of high altitude operation greatly improve the operating line of sight and make the operation faster and safer.

It is equipped with front wheel electromagnetic brake device and electronic steering device. Front wheel electromagnetic brake device, brake pedal equipped with potentiometer, when the brake is in the minimum, middle and maximum value, the electromagnetic brake presents a linear function to increase the stability of operation, vehicle driving and control, so that the safety factor reaches the highest point. The electronic steering device drives the walking motor by rotating the steering wheel and sends out pulse signals. After receiving the instructions, the EPS controller controls the steering motor to turn left and right according to the specified program. This device completely overcomes the shortcomings of mechanical or hydraulic steering device, and makes steering light, flexible, accurate and efficient.
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