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CPD16S Electric Forklift

Product features of CPD16S Electric Forklift:

1. The maximum lifting weight 1600 kg; Maximum lifting height 6000 mm;
2. Two of the kinematic each a precursor is independent motor drive, can be separated into gear and motor two parts, each motor driver is a single and complete transmission device, it is superior performance, self-control and safe operation of the strong double driver.
3.Better Stability:Low layout for battery , low center of gravity;
4.full hydraulic power-assisted steering system,easy to steering and save the energy;
5.Curves safe control: the speed will automatic reduced when turning,to aviod the possibility of rollover;
6.Regenerative braking function to increase the working hours for forklift;
7.Better Durability: unitary frame with better strength and rigidity,
8.Full AC technology with high Efficiency and reliability;
9.ergonomics design: comfortable seat,ample inner room and wide visibility;
10.Side of in-out battery, ensure more safe, smooth and efficient.
11.Turning on the spot, a small space to operate freely.
12.Advanced AC controllers and CANbus technology.

Overall dimensions
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