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Manual Lift Table

  • Manual Lift Table SPS150/SPS350 Manual Lift Table SPS150/SPS350 2018/04/18 Manual lift table: Small platform for special size materials. Meet EN1570 norm and ANS/ASME safety standard.
  • Manual Lift Table SPS800 Manual Lift Table SPS800 2018/04/18 Type: manual lift tables; Ergonomically designed table lifter; Easy operation; Lowering valve.
  • Manual Lift Table SPT500 Manual Lift Table SPT500 2018/04/18 The lift has hydraulic overload protective organization to ensure that equipment will not lift when the load beyond its rated load capacity.The Manual Lift Table SPT500 is equipped single control solenoid valves to prevent the platform dropping if power failure. You can open the manual dropped valve to lower the platform to the home position; The platform is equipped with antiskid plate to prevent slipping, it is enough safe when it works.
  • Manual Lift Table SPTJ500 Manual Lift Table SPTJ500 2018/04/18 1. Manual Lift Table SPTJ500 is generally used for lifting cargo and people to working place. Loading and unloading goods from groud to undergroud or to other floors 2. The capacity is various depending on the different working height. From 100kg to 30tons.The control system and working voltage can be changed to client's requirements.